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Step into the warm environment of Stella Pizzeria, where conviviality meets authentic Italian cuisine. Here, every visit is an experience where the pleasure of good food blends with the welcoming atmosphere of a genuine household.
Let yourself be carried away by the taste of Italy, just two steps away from home.

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Discover Italy right outside your door, where our two locations perfectly embody the spirit of our Italian chef and traditional Italian recipes. Immerse yourself in a warm and friendly atmosphere, where every visit is a family celebration of Italian gastronomy. Select your location and let Stella Pizzeria transport you to a flavorful experience, just around the corner.


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At Stella Pizzeria, we firmly believe that pizza is much more than just a dish. It’s a universal symbol of conviviality and sharing, capable of bringing people together around a table and sparking lively conversations. Since we opened in 2016, we’ve strived to create a space where passion for pizza blends with the warm hospitality of a genuine family.
Founded by three passionate restaurateurs – Sara Belley, Nathalie CotĂ© (Brasserie Bernard) and Alessandro Bleve – Stella Pizzeria is much more than just a pizzeria. It’s the fruit of a collaboration between friends, driven by a shared passion.
In the kitchen, our chef Alessandro Bleve, with his previous experience in Italian, French and Dutch cuisine, offers a menu highlighting the authentic flavors of Italy. From savory pizzas to delicious fresh pasta, each dish is prepared with care and passion, reflecting the culinary traditions of the Puglia Region, where Alessandro grew up. At Stella, we’re proud to perpetuate the Italian culinary heritage while adding a touch of creativity and originality.

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